Ajax, Je Nettoie Tout Fraicheur Citron 750ml

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  • For the Kitchen and Bathroom : Use the pure product on a sponge or directly on the surface to be cleaned . Do not leave the product more e10 minutes. Rincez.-
  • For Floor: Use the diluted product. Pour 30 ml , about 3 pressures, in a 5L bucket of water.-
  • For windows and mirrors : use the diluted product. Pour 10 ml , 1 pressionenviron in a bucket of water 5L . Clean and wipe with a cloth sec-
  • For tableware : Use the pure product on a sponge or diluted ( press once ) in the sink . Rinse with water potable.-
  • For pre-spotting washable fabrics : Apply the gel directly on the stain , let stand 10 minutes, then put it in the washing machine with your usual detergent .

Brand - Ajax

Package - Bottle.

Country Of Origin - France

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