Dr Beckmann, Anti-Decoloration Microfibre, 10 Lingettes

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Dr. Beckmann Anti-Fading Wipe with Microfiber

  • Practical anti-fading wipes
  • With microfibers for maximum absorption of colors that fade
  • Prevents discoloration and preserves colors
  • Wash clothes of different colors serenely
  • Elected product of the year 2016 by 10,000 consumers


Anti-Fading Wipes are practical and offer many benefits:

  • Protection against fading: They absorb the colors that disgorge and hold them immediately. The clothes are thus protected from discoloration, including those with white.
  • Color Protection: It also prevents color bleeding from being deposited on other fabrics in the form of a greyish veil - colors stay vibrant longer.
  • Wash your different colored textiles simultaneously: Bright colors, dark colors and white can be mixed without any problem. This means less sorting, less laundry, saving time and energy savings with better machines.

The new Dr. Beckmann Anti-Fading wipes absorb even more quickly and better the colors that drip during washing thanks to their new microfiber technology. Their extra-fine fibers have a wider absorption surface, allowing better capture of color particles, greyness and dirt. No need to sort, the textiles are protected and retain their original luster. Your linen stays flawless.

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