Dr Beckmann, Expert Anti-Decoloration Ultra, 10 Lingettes

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Dr. Beckmann Anti-Fading Ultra Wipes
  • Very thick wipe
  • Absorbs 3x more colors than standard wipes
  • Reliable protection against the transfer of dark and bright colors
  • Ideal for dark and intense color textiles
  • For less sorting and more filled machines
  • 10 wipes


The clothes of dark colors , dark and bright present a high risk of discoloration during washing. These colors could be transferred to other textiles in the washing machine.

The increased thickness of Dr. Beckmann's new ultra wipes and their additional sheers make it possible to wash more intense color laundry without risk. They are perfectly adapted to larger discolorations of dark, dark or bright textiles. Your clothes will be well protected and the colors will keep their shine.

So you can do the laundry with different colors without any problem: with white, colors and black. - As you wish ! This means less sorting , saves time and saves energy with better machines .

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