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Dr. Beckmann Reusable Anti-Fading Wipe
  • Practical anti-fading wipe
  • Prevents fading and preserves colors
  • Wash clothes of different colors serenely
  • Highly absorbent & large
  • Practical & non-polluting
  • Terry cloth - reusable up to 30 detergents
  • 1 unit


The reusable Dr. Beckmann Anti-Fading Wipe offers many benefits:

  • Protection against fading: The colors that disgorge are quickly extracted from water and directly linked. Textiles are thus effectively protected from discoloration, especially textiles with white.
  • Color protection: They also prevent the colors that disgorge from being deposited on the colors in the form of a grayish veil; the colors stay bright longer.
  • Wash your different colored textiles simultaneously: Now you can wash different colors together, and even mix bright colors, dark colors and white. This means less sorting, less laundry, saving time and energy savings with better machines.

The special wipe fabric of the reusable wipe ensures effective color absorption. It is 100% biodegradable and is therefore not only practical but also environmentally friendly.

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