Dr Beckmann, Gel Nettoyant Four, 375ml

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Dr. Beckmann Active Gel Oven Cleanser

  • Against the traces of burned
  • Fast active formula: effective in 20 minutes
  • Without soda: no harmful toxic fumes
  • Gel texture: adhesion to vertical surfaces
  • Also suitable for barbecues, stoves and fireplace inserts
  • 375 ml


Thanks to this oven cleaner, the recalcitrant crusts, burn marks and grease will be eliminated without difficulty.

This gel formula, which also adheres to vertical surfaces, seeps into the lower layers of the thickest crusts without attacking the material of your device. The cleaning product from Dr. Beckmann for ovens is also suitable for barbecues, stoves and chimney inserts. It does not smell and is safe for food.

Useful tips
Shake well before use.
Do not spray into the fan holes and slots.
Rinse the nozzle after use.
Follow the instructions of the device manufacturer
Not suitable for
Lacquered / weakened surfaces
Galvanized sheet

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