Dr Beckmann, Parfum De Linge Garden, 250ml

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Dr. Beckmann Laundry Perfume

  • Long-lasting fragrance thanks to micro-capsules
  • For all textiles - even for microfiber or sportswear
  • Concentrated liquid formula: no residue
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Suitable for all textiles including microfiber
  • For washing machines & dryers
  • 1 bottle = 14 washes
  • Available in four different flavors: Garden, Fresh, Romance and Summer

The Dr. Beckmann Linen perfumes give your clothes a pleasant freshness, perceptible day after day.

The Linen Parfum contains microcapsules with concentrated formula that are gently deposited on the fibers of clothes during the rinsing cycle of the washing machine. When you wear your clothes, these micro-capsules continually release a light fragrance. Thus, your clothes exhale a smell of freshness over a long period.

The special feature of Dr. Beckmann's Laundry Perfume is that it is compatible with all types of textiles, including those made of microfiber and modern sports.

Due to the concentrated formula a small amount of product is sufficient to achieve the desired effect.

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