Dr Beckmann, Reparateur Accident Lavage, 150 g

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Dr. Beckmann Washing Accident Repairer

  • Eliminates unwanted colorations and restores original colors
  • Bleaches dyed white and colored textiles
  • Discoloration for washing by hand or machine
  • Discoloration even for delicate fabrics such as wool and silk
  • For all temperatures
  • Skin tolerance tested under dermatological control


    Brightly colored clothes can quickly cause discolourations when they are washed together inadvertently. The colors fade and color all the linen. Dr. Beckmann Repair of accident of washing allows to restore the original colors. Special components eliminate unwanted colorations. The clothes return to their original appearance after fading.

    To succeed the discoloration

    Respect the maintenance labels and the temperature indications of the textiles.

    Before fading, check for discolored linen the original color (all original colors except pure white) and good color fastness: dissolve ½ tsp. in 100 ml hot water and soak a hidden part of the fabric. Dr. Beckmann Repair Wash Repairer can be used in the following cases:

    • The treated shades do not change during application or after 15 minutes (observe constantly, a brief modification should not occur).
    • The original colors did not change after rinsing and drying.

    For very strong discolorations, we recommend hand bleaching in a tray as the effect of discoloration will be enhanced with a longer action time.

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