Dr Bronner's, Org. Eucalyptus Soap, 473ml

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  • Made with Organic Oils.
  • Makes an Intense, Invigorating Shower.
  • Dissolves Sluggishness and Sloth of Spirit.
  • Comes in a Refreshing Eucalyptus Fragrance.
  • This product contains Glycerin.

Eucalyptus opens your pores and clears your sinuses while enveloping the body in its warm invigorating vapours. All oils and essential oils are certified organic to the National Organic Standards Program. Packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles


Water, Organic Coconut Oil*, Potassium Hydroxide**, Organic Palm Kernel Oil*, Organic Olive Oil*, Organic Eucalyptus Oil, Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Citric Acid, Tocopherol *Certified Fair Trade Ingredients, ** None remains after saponifying oils into soap and glycerin

Brand - Dr Bronner's

Size - 473ml

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