GAIA, Made for Men Shampoo, organic, 150ml

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  • Organic
  • Free from sulphates, soap, petrochemicals, artificial fragrance, propylene glycol, paraben preservatives
  • Only natural ingredients

A gentle, effective shampoo for men that leaves your hair and scalp feeling fresh and clean. Enriched with soothing allantoin and organic rosemary, known to revitalise the appearance of the hair, remove excess oils and dandruff flakes. Rosemary is also a natural deterrent to head lice.

An effective hair cleanser that removes product build-up without stripping hair of its natural protective oils.

Organic evening primrose oil, an omega-3 "good oil", maintains healthy skin and hair - restoring lustre and sheen. 

Organic chamomile enhances the appearance of your hair's natural highlights and helps maintain a healthy scalp.


    Country of Origin - Australia
    Capacity - 150ml