Liguori, Penne Rigate Bio, 500g

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Brand - Liguori

Organic Penne Rigate - Organic Pasta from Gragnano PGI - Pasta Liguori - Pack 500 g

Since 1820, the Pastificio Liguori di Gragnano, produces high quality pasta.

The organic line is produced entirely with semolina from 100% Italian organic grains, cultivated with low environmental impact in the pesticide-free lands of southern Italy.

The water is the pure and spring water of the Lattari Mountains, unique for its organoleptic characteristics and for the yield of the dough.
To the quality of the raw material is added the bronze drawing, as required by the best tradition of Gragnano, and a slow drying at low temperatures, to preserve the nutritional values ​​of the raw material.

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