Nescafe, Iced Latte Milk Coffee Drink, 240ml

Rs 37.00
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NESCAFÉ Latte is a cold and delicious coffee treat in a convenient ready-to-drink can format. It is made of coffee and skimmed milk with sugar and sweetener (stevia). Indulge in a premium and milkier taste of café quality coffee wherever you are. Tasty and low in fat and calories!

Keeping It Cool

  • Taste Smoothness. Taste Richness. Taste Real Coffee.
  • Convenience
    Enjoy the milky taste of NESCAFÉ coffee in convenient ready-to-drink form wherever you are!
  • Recharge
    Have this canned coffee drink chilled and you will feel refreshed all day
Refresh Your Day

Grab our ready-to-drink latte and savour delicious cold coffee anytime, anywhere. Simply shake it, open it, and enjoy. This is great iced coffee on-the-go!

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