Swirl Pro, Heavy Duty Waste Sacks, 5 Pieces, 240 L

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With their special foil Swirl® heavy duty waste sacks are especially strong and durable, and they are able to withstand heavy loads with any kind of rubbish or waste. With the drawstring closure or fastening band the waste sack is easy to close and practical for transporting. With these heavy duty waste sacks clean disposal is guaranteed. Each of the three sizes 60l, 120l and 240l are reliable and practical to handle for the disposal of bulky waste. These facts will easily convince you:

• Extremely puncture proof, tear proof and water proof 3 layer foil plus reinforced base
• Capacity 240 L
• Can hold up to 35 kg
• Practical drawstring closure or fastening band

The heavy duty waste sack is simply great. Just the right thing for you to dispose of bulky and heavy things easily, when you want to have a really big clear out.

With this you can easily and professionally dispose of all kinds of heavy and bulky rubbish. Perfect for rubbish and waste in the home or garden - on a grand scale! With reliable, large scale disposal options which simply work.

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